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Complimentary health in Norfolk with Melanie Elliott

About me

Melanie Elliott CThA, ITEC

After more than ten years in the fitness industry, working with people of all ages to achieve their physical goals, I felt there was something missing. Following a spur of the moment visit to a local healing fayre and a couple of taster sessions, I realised that we are so much more than just our physical body.

I was introduced to Reiki through a close friend and haven’t looked back! A fascination with crystals soon followed which lead me to a deeper understanding of how energy flows, our subtle anatomy and the varying levels of consciousness. Training in Energy Interference Patterning (EIP) added another valuable tool for me to work with, allowing me to perfectly tailor my sessions to suit every individual need.

Professional qualifications soon followed including, EIP Practitioner, Crystal Energy Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. This allowed me to establish my own practice and work with these wonderful healing energies on a daily basis. The qualifications I have since gained in massage have expanded the mind and body connection, adding another dimension to my work.

Since embarking on this journey, both my personal and professional life have been completely transformed. By embracing the wonderful healing energies now available to me, and in particular crystal therapy, which brought about incredible changes that I had never dreamed were possible, I have overcome both physical and emotionally debilitating illness. Now I am able to see love, light and joy in every day.

Melanie Elliott CThA, ITEC